What Makes Skate Shoes Better than Regular Sneakers?

If you have to choose only one between skate shoes vs. sneakers, which do you think will you pick? Based on the looks and design at one glance you might say that both types of shoes are the same. You might say that there is no difference at all.

But skate shoes are not called skate shoes for no reason. Taking a closer look, you will notice that the design of skate shoes vs. sneakers is more intricate. Skate shoes are created with features that make skateboarding more safe and enjoyable.

Most manufacturers create skate shoes with flat soles made of durable material. They have double and triple stitching for added protection along with other features to prevent bruised heels and increase flexibility.

However, you do not have to be a skateboarder to appreciate the said features, because they are good for everyday use, too. These make skate shoes better choice over a regular sneaker. Still not convinced? Read the following factors that make this special kind of shoes better than your sneakers.

Increased Protection with Skate Shoes

All shoes are supposed to protect feet for walking and running. Skate shoes, on the other hand, are made to protect feet in many ways. They were invented a decade after skateboarding became popular in Southern California. Because the first skateboarders were actually surfers, they practiced skateboarding in bare feet, resulting in bloody toes.

To prevent such accidents, the Randolph Rubber Company created the first sneakers for skateboarding followed by Converse and Keds. Today, there are more manufacturers that create different designs of skate shoes all gearing towards better protection of feet. Many use vulcanized sole and cup soles with a lace loop design so that they don’t get tangled with the skateboard wheels.


When it comes to comfort, the better choice will still be skate shoes. With this kind of shoe, you can practice flips and other technical moves of street skating with ease. The skate shoes are designed so you can be flexible and comfortable wearing them while maneuvering the skateboard. You will notice that the soles grip well on the grip tape and concrete.

At the same time, they are able to absorb high impacts. A lot of non-skaters, especially kids, like these shoes because they are easy to walk in thanks to the cup soles or vulcanized rubber. For lightweight and breathable skate shoes, you should choose pairs made with hemp or canvas.


Skaters are always flipping and jumping, exposing their shoes to rough surfaces such as grip tape and concrete. That is why they need a shoe that can withstand serious abrasions and impact. You cannot use an average sneaker to practice street skating, just as you cannot use just any flat shoes to practice ballet.

If you do, they will wear and tear right away. The skate shoes are designed for a tough and rough environment. The super suede and leather are the ideal materials for making durable and longer lasting skate shoes.

The reinforced toe caps also help prevent wearing so that you can use them every day. Meanwhile, the cup soles and vulcanized soles are adhered to the top by stitching or heating the rubber instead of using glue. Aside from these, you will notice the double or triple stitching of thicker threads.

The stitches prevent ripping and keep them slim, allowing you to enjoy your kicks for long. You might find that skate shoes are more expensive than an average sneaker. However, the extra dollars you spend will be worth it, because of the shoes’ longevity.

Design and Form

Street skating is known as a relaxed sport. Skaters can wear whatever shirt or pants they want to match with their outfit of the day.

The low-top skate shoes offer more mobility than mid-top skate shoes. Mid-top skate shoes have more protection than a low-top, and are less bulky than the high-top skate shoes. Meanwhile, the high-top skate shoes offer protection for the feet up to the ankles.

There are lots of great designs from known brands to choose from. This way, you can go from walking to skating without changing shoes.

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