8 Best Skateboard Wheels: For The Smoothest Ride Of Your Life

Skateboard wheels flat spotted?

Tired of a bumpy ride?

Feel like you spend more time pushing than riding, maybe you need new bearings?

Or maybe the right skateboard wheels?

Today we are going to focus on wheels and the best out there!!!!

When choosing wheels for your board you want durable but smooth riding wheels, sometimes you never know what to get. 

In this post, I’m going to go through 10 of the top skateboarding wheels and showcase what they have to offer.

Top 8 skateboard wheels for a smooth ride

1. Ricta Wheels

Ricta Skateboard Wheels
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Ricta wheels based out of Santa Cruz, California set the ledge mark, providing extremely durable yet smooth-riding wheels since 2002.

When it comes to performance, superior quality and design Ricta are up with the best, they have a large selection of wheels offering different unique qualities for different styles of skaters.

They can handle the immense amount of trick abuse and the cloud model can withstand all terrain whilst cruising, with reports on little to no flat spots Ricta wheels are a must buy.

With the likes of Nyjah Huston and David Gonzalez both riding Ricta you know they are good.

Also, check out their stickers they’re awesome!!!! 

For more info on Ricta wheels check them out at Amazon.

Or head over to Warehouse Skateboards.

2. Spitfire Wheels

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels
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Spitfire wheels have been killing it in the industry for over 25 years providing the best quality urethane wheels, spitfire wheels are known for keeping their shape and condition no matter where you skate.

Spitfire provides many different designs and colors also promoting their spitfire graphic logo which is super cool.

With Spitfire providing more than just wheels you can completely kit yourself out with Spitfire gear, no need to shop elsewhere just get Spitfire.

With long lasting wheels that provide such a smooth and durable ride Spitfire are spitting flames on other wheel brands.

You wouldn’t want any other, so if Spitfire wheels are for you check them out at Amazon.

3. Type-S

Type-S Skateboard Wheels
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If you want good skateboard wheels surely a brand specific on providing you quality wheels is the place to go? Type – S is the formula used with the urethane to create high-quality wheels since 2002.

Type-S provide models with wider wheels for added grip, Type-S soft blend is the model that can pretty much withstand most terrains and also their originals with an extra thin width for extra speed.

Type-S wheels are tested by pro’s and ridden by pro’s so surely you want wheels that are made for pro skaters they are a top favourite but you won’t realise how good they are until you get some.

So if you’re interested in a set of wheels, head over to either Amazon.

4. Bones

Bones Skateboard Wheels
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Bones are well known for delivering quality skateboarding equipment and the wheels are no exception, Bone’s wheels are also made up of different urethane formulas to create this constructive precise wheel.

These wheels are meant to last and can withstand different types of surfaces so for a smooth durable ride Bones say they are superior.

With different types of wheel Bones just keeps giving and with everything else they’ve created for skateboarding you’ll understand why they are a top choice.

Don’t break them ride them instead if you want Bones wheels, head over to Amazon and Warehouse Skateboards right now!

5. OJ Wheels

OJ Skateboard Wheels
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OJ wheels are like the grandpa of the family being one of the oldest companies being established in 1974, having all this experience they design some of the best wheels using only the best urethane formulas.

OJ goes that step further providing wheels for all types of skateboarding, wheels that provide a smooth yet silent ride over cobblestone and brick with wheels designed for speed and also wheels designed for the longboarder.

Being over 40 years old and still going must prove the dedication and talent that goes into designing these slick wheels so if OJ is your man then head over to Amazon or Warehouse Skateboards.

6.Pig Wheels

Pig Skateboard Wheels
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Pig wheels are owned by the Tum Yeto distribution with its family members being Toy Machine, Foundation, Ruckus Metal and Death ox. 

Tod Swank in 1989 founded Pig wheels with the idea to create useful skateboarding products to help the future of skateboarding, and with its unique Pig design it’s a purchase anyone should make.

Pig wheels are designed to ride on any terrain smoothly and are used at all levels of skateboarding with other accessories like bearings, riser pads and much more, Pigs may not be your favorite animal but they taste good and ride extremely well.

If you’re interested in Pig wheels as oppose to bacon, please check them out at Amazon or Warehouse Skateboards.

7. Autobahn

Autobahn Skateboard Wheels
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Autobahn has been succeeding ever since they formed in 2001, using the best urethane formulas to make the best skateboard wheels out there.

Autobahn has an ABX model designed for the more technical skater, including a variety of styles to choose from, they retest their new and older modelled wheels so you as a customer/ skater can get the best quality

Newer wheels have been designed to have better stability so they are much easier to control and speed you’ll be able to control your speed easier and at higher speeds tricks can be performed with no flat spots recorded.

If you are interested in a set of Autobahn wheels, check their wheels out at either Amazon or Warehouse Skateboards.

8. Mini Logo

Mini Logo Skateboard Wheels
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Mini Logo is rather new on the scene with their wheels, previously providing just quality skateboarding equipment such as their decks, bearings, and other hardware.

Mini logo provides simple designs on their wheel but is no exception to speed, control, and durability providing you two types of wheel, A-cut for more flat smooth surfaces and C-cut for your more rough street rider. 

Made with super rebound urethane they’ll outrun and perform any other, so if you’re interested in a set, check them out at Amazon or Warehouse Skateboards.

Skate thoughts

I know one of these skateboard wheels is the right one for you, but shop around and do your research.

I understand some of you are on a budget but I recommend checking them all out.

Skateboard wheels are just as important they provide you with balance and control.

Look at the type of skater you are and where you’d be most likely skating there are models out there with different durometer, which is the hardness of the wheel the harder the more slide you’ll get the softer the more grip on more rough surfaces so make sure you take that into account when buying wheels.

Image Credit: Envato Elements

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