10 Skateboard Must Haves For Any Type Of Skateboarder

Want to know 10 skateboard must haves?

Did you know California was the birthplace of the skateboarding culture?

It came into existence as the waves were too weak for surfing so Californians created a surfboard with wheels. Therefore, creating the skateboard.

We all experience them bleak winters, constantly cold and always raining skateboarding becomes almost impossible. Well if you live in the U.K.

But as the daytime gets longer and the temperature starts rising, more days are being spent outside. So why don’t you, like most, grab your skateboard and go down the local skate park.

Maybe you’re new to skateboarding? Or maybe you’re a pro? However whatever your skill set, are you aware of the essential items that any skate fanatic would need?

Continue reading to find out the 10 skateboard must haves for any type of skateboarder.

10 Skateboard Must Haves

1. Wax

Wax is very important if you enjoy grinds and slides.

Wax makes the obstacles smoother which allows your board to slide along metal rails.

Knowing how to correctly wax is also important. If you don’t know how to wax your board you’ll find this video very useful.

I’m sure we’ve all had the urge to grab your Mums expensive Yankee Candle to wax your board and make your board smell beautiful mmmm cranberry and raspberry.

However if you’re not a rebel, as an alternative, just buy some proper skateboard wax. You’re mum will love you for this.

If you’re unsure what wax is available, pop over to Amazon who have a wide range of different wax products.

2. Stickers

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Stickers are not essential on this list of skateboard must haves, but for the more creative skateboarder they provide that extra bit of fun.

You can decorate your board or plaster your local park with them as memories.

For less than $10 you can get over 100 stickers to express your personality on your board.

So if you’re curious to find where you can buy these bad boys then head straight over to Amazon.

3. Music

Music is vital to every skateboarder, it motivates you and just lifts the spirit nothing beats a good jam.

So having a killer playlist whilst you skateboard is crucial. Anything from Taylor Swift to Drake, whatever you love to skate to it’s your music.

Remember to put your headphones under your t-shirt, don’t want you breaking wires unless you have wireless headphones then even better.

4. Camera

Go Pro Camera
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You’ve landed your first kickflip and you feel epic, and want to be seen as a skateboarder.

However, you wish that you could have captured and relived that perfect moment.

You can use your phone, however, the quality may not be brilliant.

There are a wide variety of cameras available on the market. The most well-known camera for skateboarders is the Go Pro.

Check out their range at Amazon.

5. Bag

Skateboard Bag
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Having a bag is one of the most important skateboard must haves. However, one most people tend to forget about.

You have spare bearings, wheels and trucks, a couple of tools in case something breaks, a drink for the warm day, your phone and wax.

If you’re a lover of skinny jeans like me there’s a fat chance of anything fitting in your pocket.

You need a bag, it’s essential and handy.

The design and brand are purely up to you. I tend to prefer two straps as it feels more secure and comfortable.

The bigger the bag the more space you’ll have to put all your gear in.

Explore Amazon and discover their wide range of backpacks

6. Headgear

Skate Helmet
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As a skateboarder safety is very important you can bail and sometimes it hurts, so if you are a beginner or just want to take that extra precaution helmets are ideal and you can also buy pads too.

If you use ramps or the bowl helmets provide good protection and you can find a wide range of protective gear at Amazon.

But as you could guess not all skateboarders use this type of headgear.

Snapbacks, beanies, and bobble hats are the new styles of headgear and you can find a large collection of different styles through Amazon.

7. Shoes

DC Shoes
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Have you ever tried skateboarding in a pair of astro turf trainers?

It was the worst thing I could have done. I couldn’t even ollie.

The wrong types of trainers can affect your skating, don’t use soccer shoes or any shoe made out of synthetic material it doesn’t give you any sort of grip, so choosing footwear can be seen as very important.

I personally love Supra’s. There’s a vast choice of different styles and designs that would want you buying a pair of each, plus they are so comfortable and look the part.

But there are so much more brands providing top quality shoes with the look and durability out there.

Unsure on what shoes to buy? Check out my post: Skateboard Shoes: 11 Of The Most Popular Brands, this will help you discover the different brands and styles of skateboard shoes.

8. Tools

Do wheels need tightening when the trucks go loose?

You don’t realise until it happens to you but every skateboarder needs a toolkit, the setup of your board is vital.

The tighter the trucks the more balance you have however the board becomes more rigid and direction becomes more difficult.

Test out different levels of tightness for the most comfortable ride.

You’ll always need the tri-socket for your board as you don’t want to be skating on unbalanced trucks.

Still don’t have one? Check out the collection of Tri- sockets at Amazon.

9. Skateboard

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Out of all the skateboard must haves, this is obviously important.

You’re probably wondering why 9th on my list is the most important part of skateboarding the actual skateboard, but I did this as choosing your skateboard is a lot harder than the above.

When choosing a skateboard first you decide on the brand, making sure you’re happy with the design and size.

Trucks and wheels also need to be purchased but don’t forget about bearings and grip tape you wouldn’t want to slip off your board would you?

Depending on your foot size will always depend on the width of the board but then again you may have small feet but want more board it’s really personal preference.

They’re also so many brands releasing so many different types of boards that it can get really confusing or difficult at deciding.

So if you’re still unsure about what type of deck you should get read my post: 17 Best Skateboard Deck Brands: Our Top Picks, I’ll talk further about the best brands and what they have to offer.

You can find multiple skateboards on Amazon.

10. Spare items

So it’s a sunny Saturday you’ve grabbed your board and called your friends to meet at the local skatepark, your board is old but still does the job.

Skate is suggested so you play your friend and he lands a tray flip and it’s your turn to follow but this happens…

Good job you have them tools I mentioned earlier so you can keep the trucks but your board is ruined.

So the final item you need is a spare deck, people forget it’s made from wood so eventually, they will snap or chip away so having a spare or just another replica of your first deck will be fine.

Skate thoughts

When preparing your bag, remember these skateboard must haves.

They may not all apply but can be very useful in your skateboarding life.

Every skateboarder will have the majority and potentially a few extra.

Be creative imagine your deck as a canvas and just create your own designs.

Skateboarding is about implementing your own style and contributing to the large community of skaters.

Image Credit: Envato Element

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