17 Best Skateboard Deck Brands: Our Top Picks

Do you know what skateboard deck brands are out there?

Is the deck you’re buying a reliable brand?

When choosing a skateboard you have two options: buy a complete board or the individual parts.

Today we are going to be looking at a variety of brands and their skateboard decks.

When buying a deck for your skateboard size can matter, the width plays an important part as it can change due to the rider’s size and type of riding he/she does.

The average width of a skateboard is 7.5” – 8.25 “ but if you’re a bigger rider you’ll want a wider deck for better stability. 

There are so many amazing good quality companies that make decks so here’s the top 17.

17 skateboard deck brands

1. Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop Skateboards
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Founded in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender, Alien Workshop produces skateboard decks, wheels, apparel and other skateboard products.

Alien Workshop closed down in May 2014 but got revived with an all-amateur team.

In 2015, they resurfaced with new products distributed under TumYeto.

The Alien Workshop have an amazing board, with sick graphics it has a great pop!

Standard decks construction technology is 7-ply maple for a durable ride. 

So check out their decks at Amazon.

2. Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards
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Daewon Song and Rodney Mullen are professional skateboarders and business partners who founded the American skateboard company Almost Skateboards in 2003.

As of November 2015, the brand is distributed by Dwindle Distribution.

Almost has amazing concave that suits the deck perfectly and the pop is pretty good.

The company manufactures skateboard decks using 7-ply, 8-ply, and carbon fibre constructions while the decks are bound with resin epoxy glue.

So check out their decks at Amazon.

3. Baker Skateboards

Baker Skateboards
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Professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds and artist Jay Strickland founded the American skateboarding company Baker Skateboards in 2000.

The company’s main sales are skateboard decks, soft goods, wheels and accessories.

I love these decks! My friend said the board lasted so long he had it for 5 months after skating stairs nonstop.

The concave feels really good and has insane pop. You need to get one of these decks!

Bakers use 7-ply North American maple wood for the board and are considered usable by all skill levels.

So if you’re interested in a board check them out at Amazon.

4. Chocolate Skateboards

Chocolate Skateboards
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Crailtape is the distribution company for Chocolate Skateboards as they are for many others.

In the year following the formation of Girls Skateboard, Chocolate Skateboards was created also by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard.

The Chocolate brand celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014 with an art show.

Chocolate uses rock hard Canadian maple for their boards with an upturned nose and tail.

Chocolate decks are the way to go! They have crazy pop, with sick designs too. 

So if you are looking for a Chocolate skateboard check them out at Amazon.

5. DGK Skateboards

Dirty Ghetto Kids Skateboards
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Dirty Ghetto Kids is an American skateboarding company, the brand is distributed by the Kayo Corp company with DGK founders being Stevie Williams, Eli Soto and Troy Morgan.

They produce skateboards and apparel, DGK has great graphics, a great pop, and a great team.

Constructed from high-quality 7-ply North American maple and is built to last.

DGK has great durability and the concave is amazing. My friend has skated Plan B, Superior, and Girl but his DGK has lasted him the longest.

You won’t regret getting a DGK skateboard.

Check DGK decks out at Amazon.

6. Deathwish Skateboards

Deathwish Skateboards
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The Deathwish name and logo comes from the Charles Bronson series of movies of the same name. Deathwish was founded in 2008 under Baker Boys distribution, their plan was to make this a sister brand for Baker.

Baker’s contract with Blitz expired which allowed Baker to go over to Deathwish new distribution company in 2011.

Deathwish boards are made in México with amazing pop. Almost all the major brands are made in China (ex. Zero, Almost, Plan B).

Decks coming from México seem to have better pop than decks from China.

Check out Deathwish decks at Amazon.

7. Element Skateboards

Element Skateboards
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Johnny Scillereff founded Element skateboard in 1992, they create decks, apparel and have their own footwear.

In 2014, Element created and moved to the branch, a creative space in Costa Mesa California.

Element Skateboard team consists of  Pro Riders Like Nyjah, Chad Muska, MikeV.

The boards are made out of 7-ply pro-Canadian maple wood which provides you with a great ride and durable board for all skill levels.

Element skateboards have a considerable amount of pop and are rather durable by its skaters, most suggest Element when buying a new board.

Element have been tipped as one of the best skateboard deck brands around and many won’t disagree.

So if you wanna buy or check out Elements range of decks go to Amazon.

8. Enjoi Skateboards

enjoi Skateboards
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Enjoi has always been known for its adapted panda logo design which I love. Enjoi was founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder Marc Johnson with support from Rodney Mullen.

The primary product Enjoi sells are skateboard decks but they also do accessories and clothing.

Enjoi has really good pop with amazing graphics which the iconic panda really stands out. 

The skateboards are durable and light, the standard deck uses resin to construct their deck.

Enjoi decks are quality, that skates very well.

So if you want to purchase an Enjoi deck check them out at Amazon.

9. Flip Skateboards

Flip Skateboards
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Flip Skateboards are co-owned by Jeremy Fox and professional skateboarder Geoff Rowley and was founded in 1991.

The United States-based international company provides skateboard decks, wheels, bearings and more hardware goods. With soft goods like T-shirts, hats, beanies and other accessories.

Flip uses 7-ply North American Maple with decks with good durability suitable for every skill level, they have great pop with good graphic designs.

So if you’re interested in a Flip deck, check them out at Amazon.

10. Girls Skateboards

Girl Skateboards
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Girls Skateboard is an American brand housed by Crailtap, a skateboarding distribution company.

Girl Skateboards were founded in 1993 by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013.

Girls were created so skateboarders could have a future and that ideas could continue and after the skateboarding life, there would be something to fall back on.

Girl Skateboards do more than just decks, they also focus on clothing, wheels, and other accessories.

The pop is amazing and they have great decks with 7-ply North American maple wood to give you that easy ride with good durability.

So if you fancy checking out Girl decks, go to Amazon.

11. Habitats Skateboards

Habitat Skateboards
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Habitat was founded by pro skaters Chris Carter, Mike Hill and Neil Blender in 1999 and is with the distribution company Tum Yeto.

Habitat uses a 5-ply maple deck instead of the traditional 7-ply to provide a lighter board without affecting its durability. 

They are well known for their long lasting pop and unique board designs.

Habitat has their own wheels which are highly rated as well as other apparel such as t-shirts, jumpers, caps, beanies and other accessories.

So if you’re interested in Habitat, check them out at Amazon.

12. Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboards
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Plan B Skateboards were founded in 1991 by Brian Johnson and co-owned by Mike Ternasky and pro skaters Danny Way and Colin Mckay, the company is based in Costa Mesa, California.

Plan B offers skateboard decks, wheels, clothing and other accessories.

Plan B Decks are made using rock hard Canadian maple for a durable but smooth ride.

The pop on these decks are amazing and the flips are good.

So if Plan B is one of your favourite skateboard deck brands then head over to Amazon.

13. Primitive Skateboards

Primitive Skateboards
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Paul Rodriguez launched Primitive Skateboards in 2014.

After leaving Plan B he was sending batches of decks out that were selling rapidly causing him to consider what now is Primitive skateboards.

I love the shape and they are pretty solid. Noticeably lighter to me too. They have great snappy pop and tend to last a while.

The decks are made using 7-ply Canadian maple for a comfortable ride.

Primitive Skateboard offers more than just decks with grip tape, wheels, headwear, clothing, accessories and other apparel.

They provide a wide range of cool and unique decks with super designs so if you are interested in buying any, check them out at Amazon.

14. Real Skateboards

Real Skateboards
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Deluxe distribution was founded in 1986 in San Francisco. They currently distribute 6 skateboard brands which include Real Skateboards.

Real Skateboards was founded in 1991 by Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud ex-Powell skaters at the time.

The decks are made from 7-ply North American maple for a durable skate.

The shape is different from the other boards I have rode but it still has great pop and nice concave. Some have steep concave but they flip good from my experience and last long too.

Real Skateboards takes pride in their board construction understanding that each skater is different, adding their creative aspect for the designs which makes them a top brand.

If you’re curious or interested in getting a deck, check them out at Amazon.

15. Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards
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NHS, Inc is an American States skateboard distribution company based in… any ideas? Correct, Santa Cruz California. The Santa Cruz brand is the oldest skateboard company in the world being founded in 1973.

Not just the oldest but considered one of the best skateboard deck brands around.

Santa Cruz offers more than just decks with skateboard apparel such as jeans hoodies, hats, beanies and other accessories. 

Santa Cruz decks are incredibly awesome and are trendy promoting the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the design pattern.

Their decks are made from 7-ply maple, so they are built to last and will provide a good ride.

If you’re interested in Santa Cruz marvel styled boards or their other amazing designs you’ll need to check them out at Amazon.

16. Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards
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Zero Skateboards is a company located in Carlsbad, California. The brand was founded by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas. In 2014, it was announced that Zero would be distributed under Dwindle distributions company.

Zero was initially a clothing brand formed in 1996 which later evolved into a skateboard brand.

Zero offers the traditional 7-ply maple wood which is durable and gives a smooth ride, but Zero have released a new P2 deck with is much thinner and lighter than the 7-ply but also explains how the oval shape is designed the spread stress out to create an even more durable board.

With Zero’s new P2 deck and just knowing of the reputation, Zero skateboards offer a great deck so if you’re interested in buying one check them out at Amazon.

17. Zoo York Skateboards

Zoo York Skateboards
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Zoo York was founded in 1993 by skateboarders Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gessner and Adam Schatz.

They used the cultures of graffiti and hip hop the more dark and gritty side of New York which inspired them to create the types of designs and boards we ride today. 

They design and market skateboards, footwear and apparel such as hoodies and t-shirts.

Zoo York provides epic styles of design with a 7-ply traditional deck for a comfortable ride.

If you’re interested in a Zoo York deck, check them out at Amazon.

Skate thoughts

So hopefully after reading this your mind is much clearer on the skateboard deck brands that are available.

With so many skateboard deck brands out there, that all promise durable top quality boards with cool and stylish designs, it can be difficult to find your ideal board as the choice is high.

People’s opinions can matter greatly if they’ve had more experience so don’t feel afraid to ask, we are all one community.

Image Credit: Envato Elements

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