The Most Popular Affordable Skateboard Shoes

What popular skateboard shoes are out there?

But also affordable?

You need some new shoes for either shredding on your board or just for social activities, you’re wanting to get a good brand but are under a budget.

Brands and style now play a major factor in buying new skate shoes. You want comfort but also wants durable shoes for skateboarding, the longer they last the better.

So I’m going to provide a short list of the most popular affordable skateboard shoes.




DC Men's Pure Action Sport Sneaker

Etnies Men's Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe

Vans Men's Atwood Canvas Skate Shoe

PUMA Adult Suede Classic Shoe

Osiris Men's Protocol Skate Shoe

Nike Men's Bruin SB Premium SE QS Skate Shoe

Supra Stacks II Canvas Skate Shoe

Emerica The Reynolds Low Vulc Skateboard Shoe

C1RCA Men's Hesh Skate Shoe

Globe Men's Motley Skate Shoe

What popular affordable skateboard shoes should you choose?

DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker

DC Mens Pure Action Sport Sneaker
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DC have not failed with this low shoe as it’s designed for your board, support and comfort coming from the foam padded tongue and collar with leather upper and mesh lining you won’t find a more durable shoe for its price.

The DC Men’s pure offers over 20 awesome different styles with the distinctive DC logo giving you the finishing touch.

If DC are your most popular skateboard shoes and this style has interested you, then don’t hesitate.

Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe

Etnies Mens Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe
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Etnies have yet again provided another durable yet affordable shoe, the Jameson 2 Eco is part of Etnies plant a tree reforestation program and is made using recycled rubber in the outsole with a plastic creation of the pet shoe laces.

They use a slightly thinner padded tongue and collar then the DC’s but still provide protection and comfort.

With cup sole construction, Etnies have provided a solid shoe for a great price.

So if you are interested in this sleek popular Eco shoe, click the link below.

Vans Men’s Atwood Canvas Skate Shoe

Vans Mens Atwood Canvas Skate Shoe
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Vans have been around for a long time being one of the most popular skateboard shoes and still provide us with amazing quality.

This low-top canvas shoe gives you the more simplistic style with mainly just color change but with this iconic look, it still attracts so many people to date.

With a padded tongue and collar with the rubber sole, this shoe is not just affordable but also durable as skateboard shoes.

If you’re still repping them Vans Canvas shoes and need more check out the link below.

PUMA Adult Suede Classic Shoe

PUMA Adult Suede Classic Shoe
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You’re probably wondering why I’ve placed a Puma shoe on this list as they’re brand are not known for creating popular skateboard shoes.

But with its old school style and smooth suede to give it that extra swag, this style of shoe is durable with its padded collar and tongue.

With a cushioned midsole to provide comfort and extra support, this well-made shoe is adapted to all lifestyles and can be considered a skate shoe.

With its reasonable price and unique design, this shoe is worth the buy.

If you fancy a change from your regular skate shoes I would definitely recommend purchasing these so follow the link below.

Osiris Men’s Protocol Skate Shoe

Osiris Mens Protocol Skate Shoe
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Osiris take pride in their skate shoe having their pro team of diverse individuals tests them out and help Osiris to be the respectful company they are today.

With the iconic styling, this shoe provides a more lightweight padded tongue and collar with areas being reinforced for exceptional durability with abrasion resistant outsoles Osiris makes some of the most affordable yet high-quality shoes.

So if Osiris influences you as much as they do their pro team please follow the link below to purchase these awesome pairs of shoe.

Nike Men’s Bruin SB Premium SE QS Skate Shoe

Nike Mens Bruin Premium Skate Shoe
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This is most likely a good choice instead of the popular skateboard shoes Janoski’s if you can’t pay the higher price but this still provides you will a good board ride.

With honeycomb midsole construction and the midsole, outsole fused with autoclave construction you then create this incredibly durable shoe with an immense feel when boarding.

An upgrade to the classic 72 design the Nike Bruin SB are a brilliant package and deserve more recognition, so if you’re interested in buying this shoe check out the link below.

Supra Stacks II Canvas Skate Shoe

Supra Stacks II Canvas Skate Shoe
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I’m not biased but I do really like Supra shoes their unique designs and styles of high and low tops are rather impressive, providing more creative shoes with colors you wouldn’t have expected.

Supra stacks II have a man made sole with a 1” heel, with a padded tongue is provides a durable yet comfy shoe.

With its port wine white color which gives you the feel of passion and beauty, this shoe was meant to be worn and ridden with.

This is the cheapest of the shoes I’m talking about today and with the price of under $30 for a top brand pair of skate shoes is rather unheard of yet I’m here before you with such a pair of shoes.

So if you want these  shoes or are interested in Supra shoes please follow the links below.

Emerica The Reynolds Low Vulc Skateboard Shoe

Emerica The Reynolds Low Vulc Skateboard Shoe
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At first glance, you see a very generic skate shoe simple designs good padding, but after thoroughly looking at this shoe it has so many positives and for such a good price they are contenders for you.

This shoe, in particular, focuses more on board feel providing you with low profile control, the tongue and collar are thinner for better stability and comfort.

They use a one-piece toe panel to avoid blowouts when skating.

Emerica, empowering through their skateboarding and now want you to be empowered when you buy their shoes so if you are interested in purchasing please follow the link.

C1RCA Men’s Hesh Skate Shoe

C1RCA Mens Hesh Skate Shoe
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C1rca shoes deserve credibility for their profoundly good quality skate shoes and with the C1rca Hesh they don’t disappoint.

The C1rca Hesh skate shoes are definitely one of C1rca  cheaper shoe yet still put all the quality and pride into it as their high sellers.

There are two ways to explain the next part so here goes my first explanation, C1rca are very durable shoes that provide you will deluxe comfort and are lightweight for easier skateboarding.

Second explanation C1rca Hesh comes with fusion grip rubber outsoles with vulcanized construction to yet again make sure your shoe lasts longer than 2 weeks.

So ifs C1rca’s for you and the Hesh brings out the sparkle in your eyes please follow the link below for a purchase.

Globe Men’s Motley Skate Shoe

Globe Mens Motley Skate Shoe
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Globe hates similarity they want to inspire and continue to be creative and they have tried with the Motley skate shoe.

There are so many different patterns and colors used that there’s a pair for the entire family.

Globe has gone with metal eyelets as opposed to plastic or normal holes, this can provide a better structure of the shoe and can provide more durability.

With its simple design and thin padded tongue and collar Globe has provided an extremely trendy yet cheap skateboard shoe, so if you see yourself in a pair of these skateboard shoes click the link below.

Skate thoughts

So here we have it! My top 10 list of popular & affordable skateboard shoes.

Writing this post has made me want to buy so many pairs of shoes you wouldn’t understand.

So I hope at least one pair has tickled your fancy because I’d most likely buy every pair their ridiculously cheap prices and there’s so much choice of color and design.

If you’re still unsure check out my post on: Skateboard Shoes: 11 Of The Most Popular Brands.

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Most Popular Skateboard Shoes Under 50
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