Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe Review

Skateboarding is a fun and challenging activity that impresses everyone. You can amaze your friends with your smooth moves and perfect landings. It takes a lot of hard work and motor skills, but your shoes also contribute your performance.

Fortunately, shoes companies know what skateboarders need—skate shoes. Skate shoes are a type of foot wear that is intended for skateboarding. Although the main feature of a skate shoe is the extremely durable materials and construction, they also come in different styles. Therefore, skate shoes are also made for fashion purposes; they are worn by non-skaters to sport a unique style. Non-skaters also like them because they are comfortable and last for years.

Skateboarders and non-skaters alike wear skate shoes for different purposes. Aside from fashion, skateboarders do different board tricks. The needs are versatile and changing, aren’t they? This is why shoe companies continue to create high-quality skate shoes that suit versatile skateboarding performances. While skateboarding is one activity, it has variety of tricks—Ollies, aerials, grinds, kick-flips, landing tricks, and more. The board tricks that you do will define the skateboarding shoes that suit these tricks.

Aside from the types of tricks, you should also consider the fit. The skate shoes size must just be enough that you can still wiggle your toes inside, without the shoe hurting parts of your feet. The kind of materials used in skate shoes should be durable for extreme moves to endure abrasiveness. Skate shoes come with cushions placed in different parts; depending on your tricks, choose shoes with cushions that protect the specific part of your feet prone to injury when doing these tricks, such as the heel or toe areas.

If you are looking for high-quality skate shoes, look at the materials. Are they strong enough to endure wear? Skate shoes are usually made of polyurethane, vulcanized rubber, leather, suede, etc. They are constructed with double or triple stitching to ensure durability.

Here is one of the best-selling skate shoes today, the Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe.

Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe Features

  • The Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe is made with an imported textile used in the uppers. It is highly durable and really intended for skateboarding activities
  • To ensure fit and comfort, the Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe is also made with a rubber sole. It protects feet from blisters and pain even in hard skateboarding performances
  • The Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe comes in three colors: black suede, olive suede, or grey suede. The design makes it suitable to be used as a fashion statement
  • Compared to other skate shoes, the Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe is affordable. With the quality and design, it is worth the money

Just like any other products, Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe also comes with customers’ pros and cons. It has more pros than cons, making it a positively reviewed skate shoes. Here are the pros and cons of Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe.

Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe
  • Save


  • Stylish
  • Comes in 3 different colors to choose from
  • Imported, high-quality materials
  • With a rubber sole
  • Comfortable
  • Fit perfectly
  • Worth the money


  • Feels tight at first


Skateboarding is a popular hobby; it is challenging and you might prone to accidents and injuries. In order to prevent undesirable events while skateboarding, wearing the right kind of shoes is important. Skate shoes are shoes intended for this sport because they are made with durable materials and constructed to endure extreme moves. They have a rubber sole and cushions to provide the feet a good fit and comfort.

Therefore when it comes to selecting a good pair of skate shoes, fit, comfort, and durability must be taken into consideration. One of the best skate shoes that will give you these features is the Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe. It is a highly rated skate shoe that many users like.

The Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe is made with imported textiles and other materials. It has a rubber sole and padding to provide comfort and protect the feet. Many users are satisfied with the Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe but some might find it tight at first, but it breaks in and expands a little once it’s used.

The Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe is also fairly affordable, and with its quality and comfort, this skate shoe brand and model is worth the money.

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