How To Wear Skate Shoes – Saving You From Accidents

Skate shoes were created for those who ride skateboards. They are made of highly durable materials and are constructed so that they can withstand abrasiveness and heavy landings. Even though they are made for sporting purposes, skate shoes are also used as daily shoe wear, or as a fashion statement. Regardless of the reason why you wear them, it is important to know how to wear skate shoes to prevent injuries and accidents.

How to wear skate shoes—choose the right kind

Skate shoes have different features as well as sizes, thickness, and support. All these feature work together to provide enough resistance against extreme activities and aggressiveness.

Among the hundreds of brands and models of skate shoes, identify which best suits your intended purpose in wearing them. Do you intend to use them for skateboarding? Are you a skateboarding novice? Will you wear it for fashion? Is the style and color important to you?

For skateboarding purposes, choose skate shoes that are made of high-quality, strong materials with heavy stitching and soles. For a fashion statement, consider the color and style that fits your taste and personality.

How to choose skate shoes

It is important to determine your skating style before you choose your skate shoes. How often do you skateboard? What skateboarding tricks do you perform? There are different kinds of skate shoes that correspond to the tricks that you do.

The following are the most common skateboarding tricks: Ollies, or jumping while touching the back side of the skate board; aerial tricks, or jumping off with the skateboard off the ground; and grinding, or plighting one or both sides of the board’s axle on a railing, or other types of pavement. Aerial tricks require very tough foot and heel soles, while grinding needs a pair of more flexible skate shoes.

You should also consider the type of cushioning in the skate shoes. There are different combinations of cushions that provide protection to the feet—EVA foam, heel collars, PU foam, and dual heel cushions. Choose the right cushion according to the board tricks that you perform. It is also important to try the skate shoes on before purchasing as the cushions affect the size and fit.

How to wear skate shoes—fit

Although you already know your shoe size, it is still advisable to try on different sizes of skate shoes, or shoes in general. Shoes come in different sizes and styles, so it is better to try what’s comfortable for your feet. When it comes to skate shoes, comfortable means that the space inside is enough for your toes to wiggle, but not too wide, so you lessen the tendency of injury.

How to wear skate shoes—lace properly

When you wear skate shoes, always properly lace them so that they won’t clasp to the skateboard. Many skateboarders lace their shoes and insert them inside the shoes. This is a good idea but guarantee that the lace ends are short so they will not get into the wheels of the skateboard.

There are different methods of how to lace skate shoes: army lacing, straight lacing, and reverse crisscross lacing. The reverse crisscross lacing is the most common method used. You begin by inserting the right side of the shoelace into the right eyelet nearest to the toe; the left side of the shoelace into the left eyelet adjacent to the right eyelet.

Insert the right side of the shoelace into the left eyelet on top of the left side of the shoelace, and then insert the left side of the shoelace into the right eyelet on top of the right side of the shoelace. Continue doing this until you reach the topmost eyelets.

Once you’re done crisscrossing the lace, tie the two laces together. Make sure that you tie each bow tightly. There will be an excess length on each side; cut this excess lace to prevent them from getting caught in the skateboard wheels.

Skate shoes are used to protect feet from extreme skate boarding activities. While they are already used as a fashion statement by some, different factors should be considered when buying a pair. Regardless of the intended purpose, it is also important to follow the correct methods on how to wear skate shoes. This is important in to prevent injuries and accidents.

How to wear skate shoes – Saving you from accidents
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