How To Make Skate Shoes Last Longer

Skate shoes are popular types of shoes because of their durability and style. They withstand the wear from skateboarding tricks and moves. They even come in a unique style which is why non skateboarders also wear them for fashion. Because skate shoes are constructed with strong materials, they last. But there are several ways in which you can make skate shoes last longer. Find out with this blog post

There are several kinds of tough materials that skate shoes are made of – canvas, fabric, rubber, high abrasion plastic, and more. But no matter how strong these materials are, there will come a time when they will have holes or tears. You might not notice it, but continuously sliding across the grip tape on a board can wear on  these materials.

To prevent wear issues before they even happen, take some preemptive measures, because there are several ways in which you can make skate shoes last longer.

How to make skate shoes last longer with super glue

You can apply an adhesive such as super glue to skate shoe areas prone to wear and tear. Apply the glue to these vulnerable areas, depending on the board tricks that you do. If you do Ollies, apply enough super glue to the flick stitching and Ollie section. If you do heel flipping, apply the super glue around the collar.

Note: Only apply super glue to the stitching parts because super glue can loosen other areas.

These preventive super glue techniques will add life to the skate shoes.

How to make skate shoes last longer with Shoe Goo

Shoe Goo is a commercial adhesive in the form of a glue, but it becomes a rubber-like material when it completely dries. It repairs tears and holes on the skate shoes but it can also be preventatively applied on areas prone to damage.

Make sure that the skate shoe is clean, especially the area where you plan to apply the Shoe Goo. Then apply a generous amount of Shoe Goo to the area. Use a metal tip to smooth it out on the surface of the skate shoe. Wait for at least one hour or optimally 2-3 days before you use your skate shoes.

Shoe Goo is very affordable. It is a very easy way to make skate shoes last longer and save you from having to buy another pair.

Skate shoe buying guide

Another secret to a long-lasting skate shoe is to purchase a high-quality model from a well-known brand. Examples of extremely durable, yet affordable skate shoes are the Lakai Men’s MJ Skateboarding Shoe, Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Sakteboard Shoe, Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe, and DC Women’s Danni TX Skateboarding Shoe.

How do you know that it’s a good pair of skate shoes? You need to consider few things.

  • Is the skate shoe strong enough to endure wear and tear? Is it made of sticky rubber to prevent you from sliding off the skate board or surface? Skate shoes are usually made of vulcanized rubber, fabric, leather, and suede
  • Skate shoes are also made with cushioned padding to protect the feet from blisters, and hard landings and slides. Some skate shoes have breathable insoles and tongues to keep the air flow through the insides to keep the feet feeling cool
  • Today, skate shoes come with unique styles and designs, and also come in different colors. This is why many non skateboarders casually wear skate shoes to suit their outfits and make a fashion statement
  • This is an important factor if you intend it for skateboarding purposes. You do not want the shoes to be so stiff that it prevents you from moving freely. Vulcanized skate shoes have maneuverability as their best feature because they are slimmer and have low-profile ankle support.

Skate shoes are intended for skateboarding, but they are now used as fashion statements too. For whatever purpose, skate shoes do not last forever. But there are several ways in which you can make your skate shoes last longer. Apply super glue or Shoe Goo to the areas that are prone to wear and tear. Are your skate shoes showing signs of holes or tears? It is not too late because you can also use these adhesives to patch over the damages.

These affordable, easy steps will give skate shoes an almost forever life.

There’s forever in skate shoes How to make skate shoes last longer
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