How To Lace Skate Shoes

Your parents might feel outraged over the extreme sport that you are involved in right now. While skateboarding might not a lethally extreme activity, using the proper kind of footwear and a durable skate board will save your body from serious injury. Skate shoes will also reduce the chance of accidents. How do skate shoes differ from regular shoes? How do you lace skate shoes? How do you buy the best kind of skate shoes?

All these questions will be tackled in this article.

Skate shoes, or skateboard shoes, are footwear made with very strong materials and a durable construction to be used in skateboarding. It has different characteristics and features which should be considered when buying a pair. So what are these features?

  • There are two major styles in which the skate boards are made: vulcanized, which offer greater control and flexibility, and cup soles, which are made with thicker soles to protect your feet from impacts of huge drop offs
  • Skate shoes are prone to excessive drop offs and exposure to grip tape. This may rip the outer sole of the skate shoes. That is why it is important to determine the materials the skate shoes are made of and how they are put together. Skate shoes are usually made with lace guards, upper materials, and an outer sole that work together to protect feet and withstand extreme moves
  • Skate shoes should have enough protection for the feet. There are different paddings used in skate shoes: dual heel cushions, a heel collar, and a midsole

How to lace skate shoes properly?

Aside from buying a high-quality pair of skate shoes, it is also important to know how to secure them to your feet. How do you lace skate shoes? Skate shoes are laced differently than tennis shoes and other shoes are laced.

There are three methods in which you can lace your skate shoes are laced:

  • Reverse crisscross
  • Straight lacing
  • Army lacing

We will focus on army lacing. This is how to lace your skate shoes using the army lacing method:

  1. Begin with the eyelets that are near the toes. Insert the right side of the lace up through the right eyelet, and insert the left side up through the left eyelet. You should make a straight link to the two eyelets.
  2. On next upper right eyelet of the shoe, place the right shoelace up through it. Do the same for the left shoelace but insert it up through the upper left side of the shoe. You should see horizontal lines between the eyelets on each side.
  3. Crisscross the laces. Bring the left side shoelace across the third right eyelet. Do the same for the left side of the shoelace but feed it up across the third left eyelet. The lace must create an X on top of the tongue.
  4. Repeat the first, second, and third steps in the remaining eyelets until you reach the top eyelets.
  5. Finally, when you reach the top eyelets, tie the laces in a double knot.

That is how army lacing is done. Make sure that the excess lace is short enough to avoid it from getting caught by the skateboard wheels.

Other things to consider when buying skate shoes

Just like any other shoes, skate shoe sizes vary, so it is advisable to personally try them on before buying so you feel the fit and comfort. How do you know if it fits well? Your toes can move and it is not so tight that it hurts your feet.

Use the right kind of skate shoes based on the skateboarding tricks you perform. The build and cushioning of the skate shoe is different depending on the purpose. Board tricks such as aerials, Ollies, and others need specific kinds of skate shoes.

If you intend to use the skate shoes for fashion purposes, you may choose the appearance based on your fashion taste. Since skate shoes are also casually worn nowadays, they come in different styles. But if you are going to use them for skateboarding, make sure that you consider strong materials and thick soles more than the appearance.

Another important thing to thing is to lace the shoe skate properly. This is highly necessary because you don’t want the lace to get caught in the wheels. Accidents may happen with loose skate shoe laces. Save yourself and choose a proper lacing method. Happy skateboarding!

How to lace skate shoes – Keeping a sure fit
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