How To Break In Skate Shoes – And Other Skate Shoes Guide

Skate shoes are used primarily for skateboarding. But some people wear them as a fashion statement because they have unique style that reflects their personality. But like other types of shoes, skate shoes may feel tight at first. Your feet might hurt during the first days of use and it is not nice! Therefore, you need to break them in. How do you break in skate shoes?

Do your new skate shoes feel tight on your feet? Do they kill you? You bought the right size, but you do not have to return them to the store; what you need is a simple way to “break in” your skate shoes to get them used to your feet.

How to break in your skate shoes by wearing them

The following are the easy way on how to break in skate shoes:

  • Wear them inside your house. One of the most effective ways in breaking in new pair of shoes is to wear them inside the around—going up the stairs, walking around, standing, sitting, etc. This is a safe way without affecting the color or build of leather skate shoes
  • If you don’t have enough time to break in your new skate shoes, wear them in your office. Wear it while sitting at your work table so your feet will get used to wearing them
  • Since your new skate shoes feel tight, you might not want to wear them all the time. You can wear them occasionally at first, or wear them alternately with your old shoes
  • You may also wear heavy socks to avoid blisters and to make the shoes a little wider

How to break in you skate shoes without wearing them

Don’t get frustrated about having tight shoes and feeling that your feet are too large. Do you want to break in your skate shoes, but you don’t want to wear them? Here is an easy way to suit your skate shoes with your feet.

This method is called the ice bag solution. With this method, you need water, old wheels, and a zipper-lock bag. Note: Remove the insoles to prevent damage or flattening.

So how do you do this ice bag solution?

  1. Fill ¾ of the zipper-lock bag with water. Eliminate spare air from the inside of the bag by removing it through a small opening of the zipper lock. Then close the bag tightly and make sure that the water will not escape
  2. Put the water bag inside the skate shoes, but first make sure that it will not burst Release the laces so the bag will fit as far to the toe part as it can go
  3. In the heel part, put old wheels one behind another. Make sure that you carefully place the old wheels so that the water bag will not burst. Then, make the laces tighter to bring the shoe to its normal shape
  4. Put the shoes inside the freezer overnight. This method will cause the water bag to freeze and expand. The frozen water bag will expand the shoes, especially in the toe area.

How to choose skate shoes with a good fit

Sometimes, skate shoes that need to be broken in are a smaller size than your feet. Sometimes, this is due to inferior materials or poor construction. The quality of the skate shoes is essential because of the extreme activity it is used for. Skate shoes should endure abuse and scuffs. That is why it is important to buy a very durable pair of skate shoes.

How do you choose skate shoes which don’t need breaking in?

  • Choose the right kind of style. Skate shoes are classified in two styles: vulcanized and cups soles. Each style is made for either controlling the skate board or for heavier protection against impacts
  • Skate shoes come with different levels of protection—midsole or dual heel cushions. Dual heel cushions protect the heel when it is more affected by the kind of board tricks that you do. Midsole are made with flexible EVA foam that protects the feet from impacts with the ground


Don’t become frustrated when your new pair of skate shoes feels too tight; sometimes this normal. All you need to do is to break it in and make it looser for your feet. The above mentioned methods are effective in breaking in skate shoes and make them more comfortable for your feet.

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