Grinds And Slides: The Easiest Tricks To Land

Both grinds and slides have become a major part in skateboarding being able to boardslide down stairs or grind ledges this has all made skateboarding what it is today.

If you’re a new skater I’d check out my other post on Basic Skateboard Tricks For The Beginner this will help you further develop and show you how to master the basic skills, getting comfortable with your board is very important especially as you’ll be doing grinds and slides.

When grinding and sliding always have wax on you as it will stop friction and will provide a smoother slide/grind.

Here is a list of 5 types of grinds

1. 5-0 grind

Before learning this grind you must be really comfortable on your board knowing how to manual and also 50-50.Watch tutorial below on how to 5-0 grind.

2. Crooked grind

Learning this grind will require you knowing how to ollie, nollie, nose manual, nose slide and 50-50 view the tutorial below to see how to Crooked grind.

3. Nosegrind

When learning to nosegrind you really need your nose manuals down and being able to nollie would also be a benefit so view the tutorial below.

4. Feeble grind

Learning the feeble grind is considered one of the easiest tricks but you’ll need to have your boardslides down comfortably, follow the tips in the tutorial below.

5. Smith grind

When trying this grind be aware of small children, you’ll need to know your 50-50 grinds before learning the smith grind so check out the tutorial below.

Here is a list of 5 types of slides

1. Boardslide

When it comes to the boardslide it’s all about commitment, the tricks itself is rather easy you only need to know how to ollie so check out this tutorial below.

2. Noseslide

When learning to noseslide you may want to use a higher ledge then the one in the tutorial as a lower ledge can be more tricky you can add a pop into your nose slide so check the video out below.

3. Tailslide

When learning a tailslide make sure you’ve learned all tips and tricks that build up to this move as you’ll learn it faster so check the video out below.

4. Lipslide

When mastering the lipslide you’ll need to have boardslides down and remember that it’s about commitment, so check out the video below.

5. Bluntslide

Check the tutorial out below on how to complete a frontside bluntslide.

Skate thoughts

Before you start attempting any of these grinds and board slides make sure you are familiar with the basic skateboard tricks for beginners.

Remember to be very comfortable on your board and don’t be scared just commit to the trick.

Mastered these grinds and slides? Why not move on and check out my post on: Flip Tricks: Land These And You’ll Become A Pro.

Image Credit: Envato Elements

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