Globe Men’s Fusion Skate Shoes Review

If you are looking for a comfortable yet durable pair of skate shoes, you should check out this Fusion Skate Shoe model from Globe. Go from walking to skating instantly with these amazing kicks. Do not worry about your shoes, because these skate shoes are made of the strongest and highest quality of material to help you withstand high impact.

Whether you flip, jump, or make a mistake during practice, you can rest assured that the shoes will not easily wear out. The top of the shoes is made of leather and synthetic material, which are the most durable materials for skate shoes.

Meanwhile, the soles for both shoes are synthetic as well. The sole construction is cup sole, with padded features for added protection.

There are also integrated socks that securely fit and support your ankles. Because this model is designed for the serious skater, the company added the TPR heel stabilizer for extra support.

And though they have cup soles, the skate shoes provide an excellent board feel and traction thanks to the Globe S-Trac at the bottom of Globe Men’s Fusion Skate Shoes. All of these features are integrated to create an outstanding pair of shoes stylish enough for everyday use.

Globe Men's Fusion Skate Shoes
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Globe Men’s Fusion Skate Shoes Features

  • Globe Fusion Skate Shoes is made in the US
  • The top of the shoes are made of durable leather and synthetic materials
  • Have synthetic sole and TPR ollie reinforcement for long wear
  • With a classic round-toe design, great for street skating and everyday use
  • Features wide lacing and perforated underlays for added comfort
  • With integrated inner socks and tongues for added support
  • Have fully padded cup sole construction for superior comfort and protection
  • Feature the Globe S-Trac for ultimate grip as well as excellent board feel
  • Includes TPR heel stabilizer for heel support


The Globe Fusion Skate Shoe is a high-performance model of skate shoe made using the latest kick technology. The company seems to have combined art and science to give you one of the best skate shoes that you can wear all the time. A lot of skaters are head over heels with these stylish, comfortable, and durable kicks. In fact, this product has become one of the most sought after and high-rated skate shoes.

When it comes to providing protection, the Globe does not compromise. This product itself has many protective features to make street skating safer for everyone. There are fully padded cup soles with tongues and integrated inner socks that fit securely and provide support. In addition, there is a TPR heel stabilizer that supports your heel by absorbing the impact.

Durability is another factor that increases the level of protection. That is why the company used leather and synthetic materials in making the top of the shoes strong. They can withstand extreme environments, so you can enjoy skateboarding with more ease. Aside from this, the TPR ollie reinforcement and the excellent quality of stitches lengthen the shoe’s lifespan.

Another thing that you will like about these shoes is the level of comfort. The perforated underlays make them breathable to walk in while the padded tongues add comfort, too. The shoes also have a wide lacing so that you can adjust it according to your desired fit. Though they have cup soles, the shoes provide an excellent board feel and grip on the board because of the Globe S-Trac. You can rest assured that these shoes have the support, comfort, and flexibility you need for an incredible skateboarding experience.


Although the Globe Fusion Skate Shoe has a lot of positive reviews, there are people who gave the product a low rating. One of the most common complaints is the shoe sizing. It seems like there are a lot of people confused with the standard the company follows for sizing. What makes these shoes feel smaller than their sizes are the padded features for protection. Some people like it, and some do not because they become too narrow for the toes. If you have large feet, it is recommended to get a half or one size larger than normal.


The product’s advantages outnumber its disadvantages. Therefore, the Globe Fusion Skate Shoe deserves to be considered one of the best skate shoes on the market. Though there are a few negative reviews about it, there are more people who are satisfied with its performance. One of the factors that make it great are the support features that not only protect, but also provide added comfort. With this kind of skate shoes, you can flip, spin in the air, and do other amazing tricks with your skateboard.

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