Emerica Men’s WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe Review

Skate shoes can be considered the toughest kind of shoes. They are made for extreme moves and hard use, with vulcanized rubber or cup soles with padding such as midsole, heel collar, or dual heel cushion to protect your feet from the impacts you will experience. Skate shoes come in different styles and they are now often used for non-skateboarding purposes too; some of them look like regular sneakers.

So how do you identify the right kind and the best kind of skateboard shoes?

There are few things to consider when it comes to skate shoes. Here are some of them:

  • Since skate shoes are intended for skateboarding, they should be strong enough on the outside, and comfortable inside. They land on concrete pavements that might tear the soles so they should be made with strong materials and a durable construction. Examine the upper material, outer sole, and lace guards of the skate shoes you want to buy
  • The skate shoes should be large enough for your feet; they should fit comfortably. At first, the skate shoes may be tight but you can break them in to make them more comfortable for your feet
  • Your skate shoes should be made with the kind of cushion that you need depending on the board tricks that you perform. They should have cushioning for your toes or for your heels, depending on the types of tricks in your repertoire

One of the best-selling skate shoes today is the Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe. What makes it stand out among other skate shoes? Below are its features, advantages, and cons.

Emerica Men’s WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe Features

The Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe is made with imported fabric and other materials that endure wear and excessive impacts. It is built with a vulcanized style which makes it more lightweight, thinner, more flexible, and more durable so you can easily control your board and do more flip tricks.

It is made with a rubber sole to endure impacts, and a protective rubber toe and full length midsole cushion to guard your feet from blisters and impacts. It secures your feet and does not fly off because of its lace-up closure. Make sure that you properly lace it up, though, so that it will not get caught in the board’s wheel.

The Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe is a simple skate shoes but comes in different designs and colors: black/white, red/grey/white, assorted, brown/black/white, and more.

The Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe is a new version of one of Wino’s classic skater shoes. It is slim enough to provide you greater maneuverability to your skateboarding.

The Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe is a highly rated skate shoe by users. It is a positively reviewed skate shoe but also has a few cons. Read on to discover the pros and cons of the Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe that are worth considering when buying.

Emerica Men’s WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe
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  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Stylish
  • Low profile
  • Affordable
  • Durable, imported materials
  • Vulcanized rubber
  • Good looking casual sneakers


  • Peels easily
  • Not enough insole


This sneaker-type shoe is intended to be used in skateboarding so it is made to be durable and provide proper cushioning for the feet. It is flexible and slim to provide more maneuverability. It is not the most perfect skate shoe, but if you examine the material, padding, and comfort, you will get as near to perfection in a skate shoe.

The Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe is a positively reviewed skate shoe. It is made with important fabric and comfortable cushioning. It is a low-profile skate shoe that offers more maneuverability for skateboarding.

However, some users say that Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe’s rubber easily peels off and is poorly made. Some say it is comfortable and affordable. For non-skaters, this pair of skate shoes is a good choice because it comes in different designs to choose from. Each design is stylish and fits an individual’s fashion statement.

Some users say it fits perfectly, while other says it does not. One secret in getting that comfortably fitting skate shoes is to personally try it on before buying. And if it feels slightly tight at first? Try to break it in.

The Emerica Men’ WINO Cruiser Skateboard Shoe is an affordable skate shoe that is worth the money, especially for non-skaters because of its highly stylish design.

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