DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe Review

You do not need to be a good skater to appreciate the design of the DC’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe. You do not even have to be a guy to wear it. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you are sure to find the right outfit that will suit this pair of skate shoes.

DC has developed yet another design of skate shoe that is durable and comfortable. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe is made of a leather material that promises to withstand wear and tear.

The rubber sole plus the vent holes make it possible to walk and skate with ease. The cup sole is stitched not only to make the skate shoes look stylish and trendy but also to make it stronger. The cup sole grips effectively on the board, while its pillow of cushioned panels protects your feet from the strong impact. On the other hand, the pill pattern tread also ensures excellent grip on the board. The shoelaces are laced up from the vamp so it won’t get tangled in the wheels. Comes in different color combinations, these kicks are sure to suit your everyday style.

DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe
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DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe Features

  • Made of leather materials and signature DC rubber sole for durability and comfort
  • With pill pattern tread for superior grip
  • Low-top design with a shaft measuring 3 inches from the arch
  • Has DC logo overlay at counter
  • Features vent holes for breathability
  • Has a lightweight mesh and padded tongue and collar for superior comfort
  • Made with cup sole construction for added protection and impact resistance
  • Has lace-up closure for a secure fit
  • Comes in different colors and combinations such as black, white, and gray


DC shoes have always been one of the most sought-after brands for high quality and fashionable skate shoes. Among their wide selection of skate shoes is the Court Graffik Skate Shoe designed for men. However, even women give it a high rating and positive reviews, because this model is suitable for both genders. Everything goes with its plain black color. If you are not fond of black, you can choose plain white or one of many other combinations.

People love DC because their skate shoes fuse art and science to make skateboarding safe and fun. You can expect their footwear for skateboarding is durable and stylish. For this specific model, the sole is a cup sole construction, which protects your feet more effectively. It has a pillow of cushioned panels that increases the impact resistance of the shoes.

Aside from this, the skate shoes are made of synthetic leather upper to prevent tears. Meanwhile, the cup soles are stitched to the top part of the shoe and not glued. This way, you do not have to worry buying a new pair of shoes as you will be able to use it for a long time. Like other skate shoes, this one has lace-up closure for a secure fit.

The durability of this skate shoe does not compromise comfort. In fact, there are even vent holes so your feet will feel more relaxed. The mesh tongue and collar are lightweight so that you can maneuver the skateboard with more ease. Though the sole construction is thick, the signature DC rubber outsole grips effectively and ensures traction.


This particular model of DC skate shoes has many positive reviews. However, some people also have a different opinion. Some say that the footwear is not as durable as the first models. Some reviewers also find the shoes too slim for those who have wide feet. Girls are also confused with the sizing of the shoes. Apparently, their men’s sizes are different from the standard women’s sizes for skate shoes. Lastly, since they have cup sole construction, these shoes are not ideal for hardcore skateboarding.


The DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe has an average of 4.6 stars on Amazon. The design follows a simple yet stylish trend that you can wear these kicks to school or to work. Aside from this, the level of comfort of the skate shoes is also outstanding. Anyone will love to walk in these shoes and not feel tired at all. However, they are advisable primarily for those who skateboard as a hobby, mainly because of its sole construction.

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