Grinds And Slides: The Easiest Tricks To Land

Grinds And Slides - The Most Easiest Tricks To Land Featured

Both grinds and slides have become a major part in skateboarding being able to boardslide down stairs or grind ledges this has all made skateboarding what it is today. If you’re a new skater I’d check out my other post on Basic Skateboard Tricks For The Beginner this will help you further develop and show … Read more

Basic Skateboard Tricks For The Beginner

Basic Skateboard Tricks Featured

You want to learn the most basic skateboard tricks but you’re struggling. This post will identify all tricks that need to be learned for a beginner with video tutorials for that extra help. Before you start step 1 you’ll need to know the stance. There are two types regular or goofy, regular is when you … Read more