10 Skateboard Must Haves For Any Type Of Skateboarder

Skateboard Must Haves

Want to know 10 skateboard must haves? Did you know California was the birthplace of the skateboarding culture? It came into existence as the waves were too weak for surfing so Californians created a surfboard with wheels. Therefore, creating the skateboard. We all experience them bleak winters, constantly cold and always raining skateboarding becomes almost … Read more

17 Best Skateboard Deck Brands: Our Top Picks

Skateboard Deck Brands

Do you know what skateboard deck brands are out there? Is the deck you’re buying a reliable brand? When choosing a skateboard you have two options: buy a complete board or the individual parts. Today we are going to be looking at a variety of brands and their skateboard decks. When buying a deck for … Read more