The Best Skate Shoes: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Buyers Guide To The Best Skate Shoes Featured

Whether you are pursuing skateboarding as a profession or just for fun, having the best footwear for the job is essential. The right skate shoe could mean the difference between landing the perfect trick, or slipping off your board and hurting yourself. There are certain design elements that can make one skate shoe a better … Read more

How Are Skate Shoes Different To Regular Sneakers?

Difference Between Skate Shoes And Sneakers

Skate shoes (or skateboard shoes) have gone a long way since they first arrived in the 1960’s. It was purely designed for skateboarders because back then, grip tape hadn’t been invented yet so traction between the deck, and the skaters were very important. From the first skate shoes by the Randolph Rubber Company to its … Read more

How To Wear Skate Shoes – Saving You From Accidents

How to wear skate shoes – Saving you from accidents

Skate shoes were created for those who ride skateboards. They are made of highly durable materials and are constructed so that they can withstand abrasiveness and heavy landings. Even though they are made for sporting purposes, skate shoes are also used as daily shoe wear, or as a fashion statement. Regardless of the reason why … Read more

How To Make Skate Shoes Last Longer

There’s forever in skate shoes How to make skate shoes last longer

Skate shoes are popular types of shoes because of their durability and style. They withstand the wear from skateboarding tricks and moves. They even come in a unique style which is why non skateboarders also wear them for fashion. Because skate shoes are constructed with strong materials, they last. But there are several ways in which … Read more

How To Lace Skate Shoes

How to lace skate shoes – Keeping a sure fit

Your parents might feel outraged over the extreme sport that you are involved in right now. While skateboarding might not a lethally extreme activity, using the proper kind of footwear and a durable skate board will save your body from serious injury. Skate shoes will also reduce the chance of accidents. How do skate shoes … Read more

How To Fix Skate Shoes – Make ‘Em Last Longer

How to fix skate shoes – Make ‘em last longer

Skate shoes are tagged as one of the most durable types of shoes intended to endure extreme skateboarding moves and slides. They are made with a polyurethane sole, vulcanized rubber, leather, and are stitched together for security. But sometimes, skate shoes wear out sooner than you’d like them to. You don’t have to replace them … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Skate Shoes

All The Things You Need To Know About Skate Shoes

Have you ever wondered why a normal-looking pair of shoes is called “skate shoes?” Like running shoes and ballet shoes, skate shoes are designed in a certain way to support your feet while skating. Since skating is a different activity, you cannot use running shoes while doing flips. It might feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Like … Read more