The Best Skateboard Trucks: What To Have Under Your Deck

Skateboard trucks are a major part of your deck.

Grinders out there will know trucks need to be durable and grindable, but there are so many types out there what do you choose.

When deciding you need to take into consideration the width of the trucks compared to your deck, you wouldn’t want them being too small or too big so if you’re unsure check out this size chart.

Make sure you have the correct size.

3 main components in trucks are, the base plate that screws into the deck, your axles for the bearings and wheels, the hanger is what needs to be durable for your grinds from rails and curbs with it all being locked together by the kingpin.

Read below to discover the best skateboard trucks.




Thunder Trucks

Independent Trucks

Venture Trucks

Theeve Titanium Trucks

Silver Trucks

Royal Trucks

Tensor Trucks

Destructo Trucks

Krux Trucks

10 of the best skateboard trucks

1. Thunder Trucks

Thunder Skateboard Trucks
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Thunder Trucks provide you with durable yet affordable products With its lightweight hollow kingpin and no axle slip, they will last you a lifetime. 

Thunder can take a large amount of impact and are extremely good for grinding and general board control with a large team of Pro skaters why wouldn’t you get a pair?

Thunder Truck’s hollow light are well known as one of the lightest sets on the market with a lot of praise so if you’re interested in Thunder trucks, head over to Amazon.

2. Independent Trucks

Independent Skateboard Trucks
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Independent Trucks have been around for years and was founded due to the fact at the time there weren’t any decent trucks around they all just broke.

Independent arguably are either the best or one of the best brands providing you with durable skateboard trucks for everyday use but also for grinding and slides.

Long lasting trucks with cool designs make Independent a force to be reckoned with so if you’re interested in buying a pair.

Don’t hesitate to go to Amazon or Warehouse Skateboards and order today.

3. Venture Trucks

Venture Skateboard Trucks
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Venture Trucks are amazing and highly recommended what you get is durability, this means you can grind slide do whatever tricks you want and your trucks will not break. 

Venture are lightweight providing you with extra speed and movement on your board, and they don’t look half bad themselves with some nice designs.

With a good Pro skater team Venture are worthy contenders for the best trucks.

So if you want the Ad to your venture you’ll purchase a pair, so check them out at either Amazon.

4. Theeve Titanium Trucks

Theeve Skateboard Trucks
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Theeve Titanium Trucks brand is less known than the highly rated Thunder/Indy but with a good following are still highly rated as incredible trucks.

Many people notice after they have switched to Theeve how much more durable they are not breaking like some other out there. Theeve provides great stability and many have improved more rapidly with these types of trucks.

Theeve provides great stability and many have improved more rapidly with these types of trucks.

Theeve trucks deserve a tryout and at an affordable price are cheaper than your more noticed brand, With a wide range of products at cheap prices you feel like a thief.

Head straight over to Amazon or Warehouse Skateboards.

5. Silver Trucks

Silver Trucks apply strength with style and their trucks are very durable.

Silver optimize turning ability with their refined structure, silver meet the high demands of stability and smoothness. 

With the model Silver M class they are designed for the high impact from skateboarders today, they can be used for all types of skateboarders.

So if you’re interested in a solid pair of Silver Trucks check them out at Amazon.

6. Royal Trucks

Royal Skateboard Trucks
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Royal Trucks will offer you extremely good stability and movement on your board, with reinforced quality this brand provides everything you’ll need.

Royal are lightweight, durable with good pop for your board with the right bearings and wheels the Royal provide great smoothness and a good ride feel.

Grinds and tricks are made easy using Royal trucks so if you’re interested in buying a pair of these head straight over to Amazon.

7. Tensor Trucks

Tensor Skateboard Trucks
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Tensor Trucks are designed to be different to the likes of indy trucks, the purpose was that it would help you land flip tricks easier. with a polymer baseplate slider that is replaceable and also slides better than the standard aluminium baseplates.

With a polymer baseplate slider that is replaceable and also slides better than the standard aluminium baseplates.

Tensor are incredibly lightweight having both the kingpin and axle bolt both being hollow to eliminate material weight.

Tensor trucks are amongst the top and have a very good Pro skater team so if you are interested in buying a pair please click the links below.

Don’t feel tense or stressed, get some Tensor Trucks. Head over to Amazon to check out their range or pop over to Warehouse Skateboards.

8. Destructo Trucks

Destructo Skateboard Trucks
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Destructo Trucks are a smaller brand of skateboard truck but still deliver quality trucks with its hollow kingpin and weapon-grade aluminium this is both light and strong.

With a good Pro team with the likes of Arto Saari, Destructo make affordable skateboard trucks for any type of skater.

So if you want some destructive trucks with amazing designs, check them out on their website.

9. Krux Trucks

Krux Skateboard Trucks
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Krux Trucks have altered the way of skateboarding with their new base designs which have lowered the risk of board breaks Krux offers the best cushion for your board.

With the lightweight aluminium and perfecting the hollow kingpin axle setup this is one of the most durable yet lightest trucks in the market.

With immense control you get the smoothest ride, this a pro’s favourite so if you’re interested in buying Krux don’t forget to head over to Amazon.

Skate thoughts 

When buying skateboard trucks I’ve commonly found the hollow kingpin to be a favorite but that you should also try other brands out as they were all highly recommended.

Asking other skate friends what they ride can also be a major help and remember to check the size so you know if it’ll fit on your skateboard deck.

Image Credit: Envato Elements

Best Skateboard Trucks
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