The Best Skateboard Decks: 21 Killer Skateboard Deck Designs

Skateboard deck designs can come in all shapes and sizes with incredible graphics.

It can be a mission in itself to pick out your favorite.

You want something that looks good and makes you feel good.

But first have you ever bought a deck and thought I don’t want to skate this because you picked such an awesome graphic design?

Sometimes you find that perfect skateboard deck designs and you want to put it in a frame and hang it on the wall instead.

We appreciate the design just as much as the deck itself so here’s a list of awesome skateboard deck designs. Enjoy!

Skateboard deck designs that will blow your mind

1. Goldstar The Hundo Skateboard Deck

01 Goldstar The Hundo Skateboard Deck Design

Construction: 7-ply hard rock maple deck. Measures 8″ x 32″. Includes free grip tape and stickers.

2. ZtuntZ Skateboards “Grateful Skull”

02 ztuntx Skateboard Grateful Skull Deck Design

Construction: 7-ply hard rock maple. Measures 7.5″ x 31″.

3. Bamboo Skateboards Pool Cruiser Fresh Air Graphic Skateboard

03 Bamboo Skateboards

Construction: Deck made from bamboo.

4. Stereo Skateboards Tie-Dye Deck

04 Stereo Skateboards Tie Dye Skateboard deck Design

Construction: 7-ply hard rock Canadian maple.

5. Santa Cruz Star Wars Luke Skywalker Skateboard Deck

05 Star Wars Luke Skywalker Skateboard Deck Design

For fans of the Star Wars franchise. Measures 7.8″ x 31.7″.

6. Stereo Skateboards Dollar Chris Pastras Cruiser Deck

06 Stereo Chris Pastras Skateboard Deck Design

Construction: 7 ply Canadian maple skateboard deck. Measures 8.625″ x 32″.

7. Blind TJ Sideways Reaper 8.375 R7 Skateboard Deck

07 Blind TJ Sideways Reaper Skateboard Deck Design

Construction: Resin-7 Canadian maple. Measures 8.375″ x 32.2″.

8. ztuntz Skateboards Snake Escape Park Skateboard Deck

08 ztuntz Skateboards snake Escape Park Skateboard Deck Design

Construction: 7-ply hard rock maple. Measures 7.5″ x 31″.

9. Toy Machine Monster Skateboard Deck

09 Toy Machine Skateboard Deck Design

Construction: Traditional 7-ply maple wood. Multiple choices for design and size.

10. Vision Old Ghost Guardian Skateboard Deck

10 Vision Old Ghost Skateboard Deck Design

Modern truck hole pattern and low concave. Measures 10” x 31.75”.

11. Hosoi Skateboards King Stain Pro Model Skateboard Deck

11 Hosoi King Stain Pro Skateboard Deck Design

Modern truck hole pattern and modern concave. Measures 9” x 32.25”. Available in yellow or turquoise.

12. Hosoi Skateboards Cat Eyes Deck

12 Hosoi Cat Eyes Skateboard Deck Design

Measures 8.75” x 32.75” with a wheelbase of 15.5”.

13. Slave Skateboards Pat Burke Pro Model Navy/Orange Skateboard Deck

13 Slave Pat Burke Skateboard Deck Design

Construction: 7-ply North american maple. Measures 8.37” x 32.25”. Includes one sheet of grip tape.

14. Real Skateboard Deck Stacked Oval Floral Pink

14 Real Skateboard Floral Pink Deck Design

Renewal construction. Measures 8.06” x 31.8”.

15. Hosoi Skateboards Pop Art 87 Skateboard Deck

15 Hosoi Pop Art 87 Skateboard Deck Design

Modern truck hole pattern and modern concave. Measures 10” x 32.75”. Available in blue, red and white.

16. Baker Brand Logo Black / White Skateboard Deck

16 Baker Brand Logo Black Deck Design

Measures 8.25” x 31.875”.

17. Elephant Brand Skateboards Large Logo Skateboard Deck

17 Elephant Large Logo Skateboard Deck Design

Made in the USA. Measures 8.5” x 32.5”.

18. ztuntz Skateboards DP Satelliting Park Deck

18 ztuntz Skateboard DP Satelliting Deck Design

Construction: 7-ply hark rock maple. Measures 8.25” x 31.75”.

19. 101 Heritage Skateboard Deck Natas Kaupas Challenger Boom Screen Print Red

19 Heritage Boom Print Skateboard Deck Design

Measures 9.8” x 32.2”.

20. DragonballZ Skateboard Decks

20 DBZ Skateboard Decks

If your favorite anime is Dragonball then check out these cool designs.

21. Pokemon Skateboard Decks

21 Pokemon Skateboard Deck Design

If you enjoy Pokemon you’d love these.

Skate thoughts

The design of the deck has become more popular over the years. 

You don’t want just a good durable deck you also want a killer design with cool colors.

Explore and look for more crazy skateboard deck designs, until you find the perfect one that can expression who you are and what you love.

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Look out for some more crazy skateboard deck designs posts and feel free to check my other posts out on skateboarding too.

Image Credit: Envato Elements

Skateboard Deck Designs
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