Basic Skateboard Tricks For The Beginner

You want to learn the most basic skateboard tricks but you’re struggling.

This post will identify all tricks that need to be learned for a beginner with video tutorials for that extra help.

Before you start step 1 you’ll need to know the stance. There are two types regular or goofy, regular is when you have your right foot leading and goofy left so try riding and pushing off with each foot to test which feels more natural.

Mastering tricks can be time-consuming and you may find difficult, committing to tricks is a must believe that you can land it and I’m sure you will.

I believe the best way to learn tricks is to watch so here below are a list of basic tricks with tutorials on how to land them.

Basic skateboard tricks with tutorials

1. Dropping in and pumping

Dropping in can be scary but only if you allow it to scare you. Check this tutorial out on how to drop in, it’s super useful.

Learning how to pump helps control the speed the more practise the better you’ll get, watch this tutorial on how to pump on transition.

2. Ollie

Learning how to Ollie can seem difficult but is one of the most basic skateboard tricks, after enough practice this trick will help you on your way to land so many more skillful tricks, this is a tutorial below to demonstrate how you achieve the ollie.

3. Fakie Ollie

After you have mastered the ollie whilst moving and are completely comfortable you’ll be able to learn how to fakie ollie, fakie basically means performing a trick whilst riding backwards so here is another tutorial on how to master the fakie ollie.

4. Nollie

Now you can move onto a Nollie which is basically performing an ollie but using your front foot to pop on the nose hence the Nollie, here’s a tutorial on how to perform the trick.

5. Moving Ollie

Tricks are good to learn stationary but if you really want to land a trick you’ve got to start moving.

Learning how to ollie whilst moving will allow you to unlock so much more riding ability, by going up or down curbs, doing small steps and this confidence will help you in the future land tricks such as a frontside 50-50 so check out the tutorial below.

6. Ollie up/down a curb

Once you master all the forms of ollies and moving ollie being able to ollie up and off a curb can be very useful in your normal cruising life, ollying up/down things can create a more fun ride.

Here is a tutorial below on how to ollie up and down a curb.

7. Frontside 50-50

Once you’ve mastered ollie’s whilst moving and up a curb, the next step is to 50-50 a ledge, or anything you can grind on.

Here below is a tutorial on how to frontside 50-50

8. Pop shuv

When learning how to pop shuv all you really need is confidence on your board a lot of tricks require commitment and confidence once that’s happened tricks will be easier.

The main point to focus on is the foot action and scoop so check out the tutorial below.

9. Frontside shuv

This will help you with future tricks so check the tutorial below on how to frontside shuv.

10. Frontside/backside 180

Front side 180 is an ollie but your body and board turn 180 degrees so you end up so you’ll end up facing the other way.

A backside 180 requires you feeling comfortable with your ollies and able to frontside 180 here is a tutorial below.

Skate thoughts

Once you have learned these basic skateboard tricks you’ll be able to skate anywhere and the key to becoming a good skateboarder is practise, being one with your board will help you perform tricks.

Landing them is all up to your commitment and balls because moving tricks can seem scary but once you’ve conquered that I’m sure you’ll be on your way as a Pro.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, step up your game and practice more difficult skateboard tricks such as flip tricks or grinds and slides.

Happy skateboarding!

Image Credit: Envato Elements

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